Old dogs need love too!

Most people are drawn to the cute and fluffy pups that they can watch grow and mature over many years. Puppies, fluffy, and “flashy” colored dogs are much easier for us to place since rescues find homes for them quickly. That’s why we are so happy to be able to help some of the harder guys every now and then.

Senior dogs are my favorite. They are old, wise souls that can bring so much joy to your life. All they want is a nice soft space to rest and some love. They are usually not overly demanding, many have been pets at one point and have some training. If they are not housebroken, they often learn house manners much quicker than puppies. It is hard to fall in love and to have to let go, but what you gain in between is priceless. There is nothing quite like the unconditional love of an old dog who would have died without you.

This week we were able to rescue Liam. Liam is an old German Shepherd who was abandoned by his previous home. He was there for a long time with no one taking care of him. Liam is completely emaciated, heartworm positive, and was covered in mats. Despite the neglect, he is a loving, loyal dog who quickly bonds to his people. He is housebroken, knows how to sit, and gets along great with all the dogs in his foster home. He also loves playing with his ball and even has enough spunk to catch it in the air. Liam has been groomed and is a gorgeous dog. If he were a young dog, rescues and adopters would be lining up for him. But he’s an old dog that someone tossed out like trash and is considered “unadoptable” by many. Liam is one of the lucky ones that found someone who saw past his age and is willing to keep him for how ever much time he has left. Here are his pictures before and after his grooming. Please consider adopting a senior pet – they have something very special to offer – if you just give them a chance.


2 responses to “Old dogs need love too!”

  1. melissa smith Avatar
    melissa smith

    awwww. The seniors are the best. They come with their own set of challenges, but they are so grateful to be loved.

    1. Chrissy Avatar

      Thank you for taking Liam & so many other seniors Melissa! You will love him.