It’s better when we work together!

Rescue groups all have the same goal, to stop the killing of animals in shelters.  Somehow despite this common goal, it’s hard to get people to work together.  We wanted to use this post to thank those who have helped us and to tell you the story of “Buddy” the Dachshund.

Buddy came into animal control scared out of his mind.  He was nervous and snapping, which is no way to stay alive for any length of time in a high kill shelter. After a while Buddy settled down and was fine with everyone.

Buddy, not quite sure about shelter life:

We found rescue for him, but he was heartworm positive and had to be treated first.  That’s where our friends come in.

One of the wonderful professional pet photographers who volunteers at the shelter, Leesia Teh (, offered to foster Buddy through heartworm treatment.  Dogs on Deathrow ( found a vet who could treat Buddy and offered to pay for his treatment.  We have received several grants from DoDR and probably would not have made it through our first year without their generous support.  Every time we were in a tight financial spot, they stepped up in a big way to make sure we could keep saving lives.

This is Buddy relaxing at Leesia’s house during his treatment, he was so happy there:


The last step of Buddy’s journey was his transport to a foster based receiving rescue, where he could continue to happily live in a home until his forever family was found.  DREAM Dachshund Rescue ( generously sponsored his trip to freedom.  This is Buddy “on board” the doggie bus headed north:

Without the help of our rescue friends, Buddy would have never made it out of the shelter and to safety.  We can not thank them enough for doing their part to help Buddy have a happy ending.


One response to “It’s better when we work together!”

  1. Thank you so much to Dogs on Death Row and DREAM for making Buddy’s treatment and transport possible! He is a wonderful boy and a great example of how so many of the dogs waiting in shelters are perfectly adoptable, loving and sweet once they are taken out of those stressful situations.

    And a huge thank you to FODA for all your hard work and allowing me to be a part of this. Fostering was an incredible experience and it was a joy to be a part of Buddy’s life, even for a short time.