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Lucas and Max’s Big Adventure – Part 1

Lucas is a black and white dog who sat at Dekalb Animal Services for 10 months without a single inquiry.  He suffers from “Black Dog Syndrome.”  He is a perfectly nice boy who got along well with everyone during his stay, but black dogs just have a hard time being noticed in a shelter setting.  The flashier, fancier dogs stand out and they just fade into the background.

Max had a different problem.  He has funny feet.  We’re not quite sure what is wrong with Max’s feet, but suspect it is a birth defect.  It’s possible they will be fine if left alone or may require expensive surgery.  No one was willing to take a chance on Max with the potential of huge medical bills.  Despite his funny feet, Max gets along wonderfully and is just the most loving, adorable dog.

Lucas and Max both got very lucky when a rescue in Colorado, Max Fund (, was approached by a former Atlanta resident about helping one or two dogs from the Dekalb County Shelter. They liked Lucas and thought they could easily find him a home.  They also specialize in dogs that have special needs and make sure they get the care they need.  We asked them to take a look at Max & they fell in love (who wouldn’t?).

The boys next lucky break happened when we called Pet Airways (  They were having a 60% off sale from Atlanta to Denver.  Additionally, someone in Colorado offered to foster Max until physical space at the shelter opened up.  We raised the funds for their flight quickly thanks to our wonderful supporters.  Today – we saw the boys off on the first leg of their journey.  Behind the cut are the pictures that show their travels from the shelter to the Pet Airways lounge.  A big thank you to everyone who has supported them so far – stay tuned for part 2 and check out their Facebook page for more on their travels (

Click to see their story in pictures behind the cut.

Lucas & Max – Shelter to Safety:

3 comments to Lucas and Max’s Big Adventure – Part 1

  • Stephanie Nelson

    SO excited to meet them tomorrow at Rocky Mtn AIrport!

  • Chrissy

    Take pictures! I can’t wait to hear about their arrival 🙂

  • Lynn

    I am so happy for Lucas and Max. Thanks to everyone who made this possible…Carmen, Stephanie, Chrissy, Lisa, DeKalb Animal Services, Pet Airways, and last but NEVER least…all of the wonderful people who donated funds so that these 2 would have a chance at a new life…YOU ALL ROCK!!!