Give a Little – Save a Life Holiday Giving Challenge!

Since the beginning we’ve asked our supporters and community to give a little and save a life.  This holiday season we’re challenging everyone to share our mission and show how powerful small donations can be.  Our goal is to get 2,000 people to donate $1 a week.  It’s a lot of people, but we are just asking for ONE dollar.  That’s it.  If we meet our goal the majority of our sponsorship needs will be covered 2012.  $1 for 52 weeks could save the lives of 600 animals next year.  Can you find it in your heart to subscribe to a weekly donation that will change the lives of so many companion animals in need?

To donate, visit our “How to Donate” page, go to the weekly donation option, pick $1 a week (or more if you’re feeling especially generous), click subscribe and it will take you to paypal to get it set up (or subscribe below).  That $1 will come to FODA automatically (as long as you don’t change the credit card #, or cancel the payment) every week and we can continue saving lives thanks to your generosity.  We will keep you posted on how close we come to our goal.  Below is a fundraising thermometer showing how much is pledged in donations per week.  We hope that it will hit 2,000 or more!  Let’s do this!

Select the weekly amount below and just hit subscribe!

Track our progress, we need 2,000 people to step up to save lives in 2012:

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