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September 2012 Transport Animals

We are starting off September with some more good news for the animals at DeKalb Animal Services.  Bud and Pattinson who were treated for heart worms by funds raised by Friends of DeKalb Animals have been rescued this month.  Actually Bud was adopted locally and Pattinson is being rescued by one of our groups in the northeast.  When the dogs that our approved rescue groups choose test positive for heart worms, most of the groups cannot take them.  We felt like in trying to rescue them, we were actually discovering the thing that prevented them from having a chance.  We began raising funds to purchase the medication needed to treat them and working with the vet at the shelter to treat as many as possible.  The success rate for the dogs that we have treated so far is 100% and of the 30 or so treated, most have gone on to rescue or have been adopted into great homes.  Just one more reason to say thank you to our loyal supporters who help us to continue our lifesaving mission at DeKalb Animal Services month after month!!!

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