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Xena – The Warrior Puppy

       Xena on September 15th

  Three weeks later!

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Xena came into Dekalb County Animal Services September 15th.  No one at the shelter wanted to euthanize this poor pup.  She came in unresponsive, but alive.  She was given fluids, nurtical, and our volunteer who works at the shelter stepped up to foster her and get her further vet care.  One of our vets met Chrissy and Xena that night at the clinic and examined her/sent her home with some meds.  She weighed 5 pounds when she was brought to the shelter on September 15th.  She is currently recovering and getting the care she needs.  The shelter is investigating her case and she is getting stronger and more healthy every day as you can see above.  Xena still has a way to go and it will most likely be a couple of months before she will be ready for adoption.  There are more graphic pics of her condition on her chip in/Facebook page.

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4 comments to Xena – The Warrior Puppy

  • Janet Tither

    I have been an ardent follower of the progress of Xena the Warrior Puppy & am in awe of the wonderful care & love & support that she has received & the miraculous recovery that she has made. What a little fighter for survival she has been & a joy to behold! Foster Mom & Dad, you are amazing!

    I can only hope & pray that shelters in my country, South Africa, would be so diligent & dedicated!

    Many thanks


    Hater of any form of animal abuse & poaching!

  • Pam

    Xena – you are looking so much better – I have followed your story since day one and you are touched by God and so blessed to find such a dedicated group of folks! Love you and watch you every single day!!!!

  • Diane McEwen

    I am still shocked by the first picture I saw of Xena.. To think that she survived from that state to how she is now is absolutely unbelievable.. The staff, Foster parents and volunteers must have willed her to make it through the first few days to be able to get her back on track..The people at the DCAS really impressed me since I found out about them. They work against the tide always. There is so much abuse that if they tire of it all they never give up.. Amazaing people who have to deal with the indifference from authorities and how people treat their animals. It seems a lot of people are not educated in what is required to have a pet it seems to me.. So hard to deal with some of what they see yet they still keep going.. Thank you for doing the job you do.. Even though I try to support the local animal rescue here where I live in Ottawa especially the senior dogs I will always wish to support you too.. As you say..every little bit helps when it adds up.. Bless you all.. Xena is proof of how good and loyal to kindness you all are.. Great hearts! <3

  • Jackie

    I could hardly look at the picture of Xena. It took three tries to get past the pictures of when she came in. It was only because I knew it was a happy ending that I forced myself to watch the video. I am baffled and angry that anyone could look at that beautiful puppy and feel good about what they were doing to her. Have they found who did this? I hope there is a sevre punishment for these idiots. How many animals are out there that we don’t find and save? God bless you, special Xena <3