January 2013 Rescues

With the support of our donors, Friends of DeKalb Animals was able to save the lives of 644 animals from DeKalb Animal Services in 2012.  One of those was a wonderful little girl named Xena the Warrior Puppy who amazed us with over 14,000 likes on her Facebook Page.  At deaths door on September 15th, Xena is now ready to find her forever home.   Your support pushed the voting to the limit to make FODA the winner in the Nalley Driven for the Cause contest in October.   FODA used a portion of the winnings from Nalley as well as a generous donation from the Ann Cox Foundation to create Xena’s Shelter Fund.  This fund allows FODA to cover additional vetting needed for some of the more critical cases that come in to shelter.   

 In 2013 we hope to find ways to save even more animals in DeKalb.  The first transport of 2013 will be pulling out on January 19th.  Click on the photo below to see all the animal that will be headed north to a new life that day and thank you for all you do to Give A Little * Save A Life  in DeKalb.