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March 2013 Rescue

Our first March transport drove 31 animals to safety in the northeast.  We have two new approved rescue groups in New Hampshire as well who drive their own transports since our wonderful transporter doesn’t go quite that far north!  In another bit of really good news this month, Xena the Warrior Puppy has found her forever home and boy do they love that little girl!  Zaxby the Chicken Wing Dog  and our other 3 legged friend Colonel Sanders have been adopted to loving homes as well.  We love working to find these wonderful special needs animals homes here in the Atlanta area but our main lifesaving mission is our transports!  Click on the little cutie below to see the others saved from DeKalb Animal Services so far this month.  As always, you make it possible for us to save these babies with your donations and for that, we are so very grateful!!!

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  • tyejoe

    Just wanted to say ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ on having a program that is actually about the animals. So, TAKE A BOW -DeKalb County Animal Services- You’ve done a GREAT thing. [Just to be clear, we are NOT affiliated with Dekalb Animal Services, we just rescue from there. We are a 100% nonprofit group, we get zero money from Dekalb County. -admin]