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Canines & Couture

Friends of DeKalb Animals would like to thank everyone who helped to make this event a resounding success!  Our hard working volunteers, donors and amazing host, Fleurtee Bee Boutique, as well as our loyal supporters  showed up in mass and gave from the heart.  You are all a part of the FODA “PACK” and you make it possible for us to continue our lifesaving mission for the animals in DeKalb County!  

We hope you had a great time at Canines and Couture and that you will join us for future events!!!

Canines and Couture

Tickets are $20 and 100% of the sales goes to FODA! Buy your tickets today!


1 comment to Canines & Couture

  • Jen Steier

    I just wanted to thank you and wish blessings on all of you, especially Chrissy Kaczynski. I read the story posted on msn’s home page about Jonny and Xena, expecting just another bland story about a boy with some sort of trouble and his dog, you know, a “feel good” story, like many that are posted there.
    Instead I was shocked into tears as I scrolled down the story and went from one image of a smiling boy and a healthy dog in a playhouse, to the horrible image of what I thought for sure was a dead dog… I could not equate one image with the other.
    As they said in that story, I am sure that God does have a plan for her, and put such a willful spark of life in her, that despite all the trauma she suffered, was not willing to be snuffed.
    Namaste my friends, I cherish the compassionate lights within all of you, thank you for not giving up on her and just “humanely” putting her to sleep.