July 2013 Rescues


Great news at DeKalb Animal Services in the month of July!  Lifeline Animal Project is now in charge shelter operations for DeKalb.  Lifeline is a well-known and well established low-cost spay and neuter organization that is also running neighboring Fulton County Animal Services.  We are excited about this change and the lifesaving committment that Lifeline brings to DeKalb’s animal shelter.  DeKalb officials have also voted to fund a brand new animal shelter for the county that is expected to be completed no later than summer of 2015.  It has been a long and difficult uphill climb by local animal advocates to convince county government officials of the necessity of both an outside group to run the shelter,  and the need for a new building to replace the current shelter which is an outdated breeding ground for many problems.  Lifeline will clean up the current shelter and make sure that strict cleaning protocol’s are followed to make it the best housing situation possible until the time that DeKalb can call the new shelter home.  FODA is thrilled to be part of the progress in DeKalb.  Please click on the photo above to see all of the animals that have been transported so far in July.  We have another transport that will be heading up on July 27th so stay tuned for even more animals that will be added here then!!!


2 responses to “July 2013 Rescues”

  1. I just read a report regarding Lifeline and a man who worked there who was caught on tape beating dogs- does anyone have more information on the situation? Obvioulsy this is cause for concern.

    1. Good morning Danica,

      That is true and the individual was fired immediatly. The individual was caught on tape but was trying to break up a fight between 2 dogs in a kennel. He was not just beating the animals but he did go way to far trying to break up the fight. Lifeline has a zero tolerance policy for abuse of any kind so regardless of what he was trying to do, he went too far and was fired. DeKalb in their attempt to trip up Lifeline at all cost actually delivered this video to 4 news outlets before they even told Lifeline that they had the incident on tape. It is a very tense situation there because DeKalb retained the enforcement piece of the shelter and only outsourced the shelter operations to Lifeline. The shelter was outsourced under duress by the county and they will stop at nothing to trip up Lifeline so they can break the contract and say I told you so to the Advocates for DeKalb Animals who are the ones that pushed so hard for the outsourcing in the first place…Thank you