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August 2013 Rescues

FODA will be transporting 42 animals to safety with our northeast rescue partners on our first trip in August.  We want to thank all of the people who have stepped up to be temporary fosters for so many of the pups on this transport.  Without you so many more may have been euthanized since the numbers of animals coming in to the shelter this summer have been staggering.   We love our temporary fosters and are always in need of more:)  If you are interested in becoming a temporary foster for us please contact us at   Foster needs are usually between 2 and 3 weeks.  We have a Facebook page specifically for animals needing foster homes and you can check it out at FODA Fosters.  Foster homes save lives by making more room at the shelter for incoming animals and by keeping the animals that we have commitments for healthy while they wait to head north to find loving forever homes.  Please click on the image above to see all of the animals we have transported to safety so far in August.
August 2013 Rescues

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