September 2013 Rescues

September has been a busy month for FODA. One year ago on September 15th, Xena the Warrior Puppy came into the shelter. We have now added an individual page for Xena where you can read her amazing story. Xena is also paying it forward this month by helping us to raise the funds to treat our latest pup in need, Roo the Resiliant. Roo was part of a multi state dog fighting bust. Roo now has her own Facebook page too if you would like to check her out at Chrissy and Aaron are fostering this sweet girl who has been through so much and is still so loving and gentle. September was a bit of a challenge as well since we had a mechanical problem with the transport vehicle and therefore only had one transport this month. We were able to save 40 pups from DeKalb and hopefully many more in the months to come!