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December 2013 Transports

This year FODA has managed to save approximately 750 lives. We are basically a core team of 3 people with a handful of fosters. We absolutely could not do what we do without your support. We have rescued everything from puppies to seniors in all shapes and sizes. We have been able to rescue some kitties when rescues had space. Our own Xena the Warrior Puppybecame ASPCA dog of the year and we helped countless broken dogs including the former dog fighting dog Roo the Resilient. We spend an average of $175 per dog, so our expenses this year have been enormous. With your help, we have covered the majority of them. We hope between our auction and end of the year donations we’ll be able to break even for the year.

Thank you all so much for your support and being part of “Team FODA.”

December 2013 Rescues

December 2013 Rescues

2 comments to December 2013 Transports

  • Im so proud of what FODA has accomplished this year, and pretty darn proud to have helped to save a few of those 750. It’s really hard to say no when Chrissie or Jamie turn on the Bat Signal and tell us there’s a desperate need down at DAS. Hopefully next year we can do even more.

  • Lynn

    Thanks Dave, we certainly couldn’t do it without dedicated fosters and supporters like you and Amy:)