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January 2014 Transports

 Friends of DeKalb Animals is thrilled to be able to say that in 2013, we vetted and transported 805 animals from DeKalb to safety with our rescue partners in the northeast.  While we are planning  to exceed that number in 2014, we have another goal that we must meet this year  which is to purchase a new transport vehicle.  The new, old vehicle that our transporter purchased in 2012 is already having major issues.  When we look at the cost of purchasing a  vehicle that will transport up to 50 animals per trip, the prices are daunting.  We are working to find the best vehicle at the best value.  It will be a major undertaking but we know that our friends and supporters will help us find a way to raise the funds to make it a reality.   Thank you for helping us continue our lifesaving mission in DeKalb in 2013.  Stay tuned to great things to come for the animals in 2014!




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