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June 2014 Transports

June has been an extremely challenging month for us.  The month began with 4 out of a litter of 5 puppies that we rescued breaking with Parvo..  The great news is that all of them survived thanks to our amazing fosters and the staff at Village Vets in Decatur Ga.  We have also taken in several special needs pups in the last few months and this month it was sweet Ella who is a Dwarf Jack Russell Terrier.  Ella is heart worm positive and has deformed back legs but she is an absolute doll and we will make sure that she gets everything she needs to survive and thrive.  Our transport numbers were low this month but our vetting costs were high.   If you are one of our dedicated supporters, please consider an extra donation to help us cover the cost we incurred to save several precious little lives in the month of June.  Click the image of Razberry below to see all the animals we saved with your help this month!


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