July 2014 Transports

Friends of DeKalb Animals has been working hard to save more animals from local kill shelters in the metro Atlanta area and in the process, we have incurred some major vetting costs.  Since mid May, we have treated  8 puppies and 1 adult dog for parvo virus and we still have 5 puppies from one litter that are not yet out of the woods.  We also took in a tiny little long-haired Chihuahua this month only to find that she had bi lateral luxating patella’s on her rear legs which will require surgical repair.   Our vet costs have skyrocketed in the last 3 months.  We hope you will consider a donation to help with our costs and allow us to continue our lifesaving mission for the abandoned and unwanted animals in the metro Atlanta area.   Below you will see a photo of Bud.  This gorgeous boy was left to die in his back yard by his owner who moved without him.  With the help of friends and neighbors along with an amazing foster home, we were able to treat this big boy for his heart worms and he left on transport this weekend headed for his new life in NJ!  Click on Bud’s photo to see the other animals saved by your support this month!!!Bud