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February 2018 Transport

Tramp has a happy and hopeful look and he has every reason to!  CCR rescued this sweet boy after his owner passed away and he ended up in a local vets office, but was about to be sent to a local kill shelter in the Metro Atlanta area.  Tramp and 19 other dogs and puppies were saved from Georgia shelters in February by CCR.  After being spayed or neutered and receiving all necessary shots and tests, these pups hop on the Canine Caravan Rescue bus for a ride to our partner rescue groups in the northeast.  Click on the photo of Tramp to see all the pups that took a ride on the but to a new life in February.  Please consider a donation to help us continue to save loving companion pups like Tramp!

January 2018 Transport

Roxie is an adorable lowrider girl who was adopted and returned to a local animal shelter in Atlanta…who would return this adorable girl to a shelter where she may be put to sleep!!???  We just couldn’t let her spend another day there.  Roxie took a ride on the Canine Caravan Rescue bus with 15 other pups that CCR rescued to our amazing partner rescue groups in the northeast.  CCR rescues dogs and puppies from kill shelters in metro Atlanta and surrounding counties and provides all vet care and transport in an effort to save more of the animals in danger of being euthanized here. Click on the photo of Roxie below to see all of the pups on our January transport to a new life!  Please consider a donation to help us continue saving these precious lives!



December 2017 Transport

Applejack was one of the lucky pups that put his paws on the CCR bus to head north to a new life in December.   He along with 14 other dogs made the trip and many have already found their forever families.  Your support makes it possible for us to continue to save dogs at death’s door in Georgia kill shelters and send them north to find a new life.  Please donate to save a life today!

Georgia Gives on Giving Tuesday for Canine Caravan Rescue

Canine Caravan Rescue needs you to give from your heart on November 28th, Georgia Gives on #Giving Tuesday!  Without your support, we cannot continue our lifesaving mission for homeless, abandoned and abused dogs in Georgia shelters!  Click the link below or copy and paste it into your browser to go to our page to donate!!!