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October 2013

Song (pictured below) is so glad that she got a ride north this month since she really wants to find her new home and family soon. Song is joined by 22 other pups from DeKalb Animal Services for the first transport north in October. It costs FODA approximately $175 to vet and transport each animal […]

September 2013 Rescues

September has been a busy month for FODA. One year ago on September 15th, Xena the Warrior Puppy came into the shelter. We have now added an individual page for Xena where you can read her amazing story. Xena is also paying it forward this month by helping us to raise the funds to treat […]

July 2013 Rescues

Great news at DeKalb Animal Services in the month of July! Lifeline Animal Project is now in charge shelter operations for DeKalb. Lifeline is a well-known and well established low-cost spay and neuter organization that is also running neighboring Fulton County Animal Services. We are excited about this change and the lifesaving […]

March 2013 Rescue

Our first March transport drove 31 animals to safety in the northeast. We have two new approved rescue groups in New Hampshire as well who drive their own transports since our wonderful transporter doesn’t go quite that far north! In another bit of really good news this month, Xena the Warrior Puppy has found her […]