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Xena the Warrior Puppy

Xena today!

Xena today!

On September 15th 2012, Xena came into Dekalb Animal Services in Georgia as a stray after someone called regarding a stray puppy found in their yard. An officer picked up the puppy and arrived at the shelter around closing time with this girl. Xena was emaciated and very close to death. She was completely dehydrated and cold to the touch. Chrissy Kaczynski, a founding member of Friends of Dekalb Animals and rescue coordinator at Dekalb County Animal Services, knew that Xena would not make it through the night at the shelter. We immediately took her under the FODA wing and were determined to get her the care she needed to fight for her life. Chrissy rushed Xena to the vet and by that time, the little miracle had already perked up. Xena surprised everyone by recovering so quickly and getting stronger every day.

Xena was adopted March 25, 2013. She has a wonderful family (human and canine alike), but has the special task of providing comfort to her human brother Jonny who has autism.

Visit Xena’s Facebook page at if you would like to see more about her and her life with Jonny, her new best friend.

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